Excellence is an Attitude

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is then not an act but a habit. Aristotle

True. Aristotle knew he’s thing.
Please, allow me to humbly share with you my version on excellence:

Excellence is an attitude.

Being excellent, being outstanding is something we target to and consolidate within ourselves, with effort and dedication. The route to growth isn’t one that comes clean and easy like the yellow brick road of the Wizard of Oz.Excellence as growth starts off by being a concious choice. You choose it. And then you pursue it. With more or less blood, sweat and tears but always as a challenge of self superation, of overcoming your inner limits. At some point this self challenging approach settles down and it just starts being a part of yourself. It feels less intrusive, less disrupting. Because you have successfully integrated that habit of constantly challenging yourself and your limits.


Excellence becomes part of you, something that defines you. Something that makes you syand out in a crowd. An attitude.

It’s the same thing in dealing with your fears. Challenging yourself to always face and transform your fears is something that can and should be a well established habit. It doesn’t start easily and may or may not become easier with time but it can definitely become a habit. And a really healthy and beneficial one!
Like working out. Sometimes you feel like going to the gym and you go without effort and sometimes you don’t.

However, you know it’s good for your health and you’ll feel great and really energetic after, so you just go. You ignore that voice in your head that says “Just skip the gym. Just today…” because you know it will be screaming “I feel good!!”  just like the music an hour later. So you get used to ignoring this voice everyday and go do what you have to do.

Dealing with your fears is no different. Decide to transform them and just do it.

Ignore the little voice in your head. You will feel great and powerful when you triumph in this Transformation and you will decide to do it with every single fear that gets in your way to happiness and fulfillment. You will create this new habit to excell yourself and you will live a life of excellence!

Do you feel like it’s time to go and can’t postpone life anymore? Great!! So… Let’s work!!