Fear is only a messenger 

Yes, that’s right. Fear is only a Messenger…

In itself it has no worth besides making you look the right way, to understand aspects of yourself that absolutely need your attention and, more than that, need your action, your intervention.
So far so good, right?… The problems start when you choose not to to give it the attention it requires.

You start thinking that that fear isn’t something solvable. That’s just the way you are. Period.

Well, it’s your right make that decision! If this doesn’t bring you any kind of limitation, frustration or sadness, go right ahead! It’s your life, after all! But if for one second you feel you are letting yourself down, if you feel you are missing oportunities to live in your fullest and letting life just pass through you… Then you really must act!

Your fear isn’t a feature of yours! It certainly isn’t a burden you must carry for your whole life!

It is meant to be an alert sign…

… to make you understand the work you must do with yourself to feel you are growing, evolving towards a better version of yourself!
Like traffic lights… What happens if you decide to ignore the red sign and cross a busy street anyway, looking the wrong way, on top of that? Probably you will get run over by a car, right? And you would never act this way, at least consciously you wouldn’t. So why do this with your life? Why waste time and energy this way? Yes, you spend energy ignoring your fear. Lots of it. Because deep down you know what you should do and you try to convince yourself otherwise all the time. That is really demanding both emotionally and psychologically.

Why not to apply this energy in listening to your fear?

After all it is just a messenger, you know? Talk to it! No, you’re not a lunatic! You’re being wise. You’re chosing to live, to grow, to evolve. Talk to it. Why is it there? What is it trying to say to you? It will talk to you if you’re willing to listen… Maybe you have to work on your self esteem, or your trust, or your ability to let life flow without trying to control everything. I don’t know. But one thing I know for sure. The message will always be truly important and life changing if you’re willing to do the work… Yes, the work that follows bringing it’s message to your conscience. To aply it to your life and make real and durable change in your experience.

Consciousness and work: this is the dynamic duo!

They are absolutely pointless and useless without each other.
Yes, it’s a huge challenge! But I’ll promise you one thing: your life will never be the same!!

I’ll be here to support you through this journey…

So… What do you say? Let’s work!