Feeling tired?

Sometimes I get tired of feeling…

… Distressing feelings and emotions that, at some point, make me wish I could never feel anything like that ever again (wait… don’t jump to conclusion… Bear with me and keep reading! ).

Nothing good or bad. Just be in some kind of blessed nirvana state, with no mood oscilations nor unpleasant sensations or feelings.

Just contemplating life… Yes. I do get to this point sometimes so I know what I’m talking about! As I also know that this is a utopic goal. Blunt as it might sound. Sorry! I said utopic, not impossible. You might get there ( altough not easily, of course!), if you endure this life philpsophy. The real question is “do you really want to?”. Do you want to live like this? That’s your choice. For me it would never work. I’m too interventive, impulsive and action oriented. It would kill me!  And if you feel like I just described you, it would never work for you either. So, let’s move on.

You see, there is no such thing as a bad emotion…

There are emotions that you don’t like to have contact with because they press unpleasant buttons and bring you back situations and experiences that you did not enjoy. It’s a matter of perception, of how you interpret the world based in your past experience. They are the symptoms that don’t allow you to keep going ignoring yourself and the work that your are requiring from yourself but not delivering, as you deep down  inside know you should. You are failing yourself, even though you may not be 100% counscious of that. So those dreadfull feelings and emotions arise, leaving no man standing on their way. And that hurts. It hurts really bad. But please let me assure you one thing: it is not going to get better unless you make that one decision that has the potential to turn this game around and change everything. Can you guess which decision I’m talking about? Yes, that’s right.

The decision to take action. And then to really act (the decision alone won’t make the miracle…).

Understand what is the origin of all this. What are you failing to do for yourself? And the million dolars question: “which is the fear  (or fears) you are avoiding to properly deal with?”. Most of the times the set is really this one. Ignore your fear and it still will exist and make sure you don’t feel comfortable enough to forget about it permanently. Sounds simple, right? Pretty straightforward? Yes. I do agree. It is. Simple and straightforward. But not easy. It will require a lot of work and dedication. You will have some setbacks along the way. Count on it.

But the effort will pay off as you’ll be feeling more and more powerfull and in charge of your life!

Plus, you don’t have to do this alone. I’ll be happy to help and support you along the way. You can count on me! This is one trip really worth taking! It’s all about you, about your life! So… What do you say?

Let’s work!