Fight Smart

Yes. You are a fighter.

You don’t run from the battle field. You grit your teeth and charge over your enemy like if your where wild beast. Whatever this enemy might be: a person, a group, a situation, you name it. This enemy is an obstacle, something you must triumph over.

However, you are not getting the results you want. Why? I’m sure you must be wondering about this million dolar question. I know I did, for quite a while…

You are smart and bold, full of strength and energy, valiant fighter with a huge capacity to persist, to endure. But you are not getting there, are you? And that anoying question keeps popping up in your mind: “why??”.

Let me give you a hint: you are not applying your energy the right way.

If you are strong and corageous but you don’t have an action plan to take you to the next level, you’ll just be wasting your energy. You’ll just be all over the place, fighting all that moves, draining yourself until you have no energy left. I know I did…

Just fighting is not enough. You have to fight smart.

You have to apply your energy intelligently, to get the results you wish.
History is full of small and smart armies victories over huge armies that largely outnumbered them but lacked their brains and their wit. An intelligent, articulate action will overcome in power and reach all the energy you waste in random action.

So… Stop being all over the place like a tasmanian devil…

you’ll just create hurricanes that will drag you down.

Fight Smart, accurate, planned and alligned with the results you want. Be surgical in you action. Define exactly what you must do, how and when. Define it to the detail but be agile, okay? Or you’ll spend your whole life just planning without ever doing anything.  And then (and only then!) jump into action. Massive , ruthless

And that stupid “why?” will stop bothering you, I promise!