Need Motivation?

Sometimes we lack animated power to get things going.

Days simply go by and we can’t seem to be able to do what really is important to us. Even more when what’s important to us is something that we aren’t eager to do.  When we know it’s going to be for the better but still it costs us to get it done. Transforming fear can be one of those things. It’s a ride through our deepest fragilities. It’s a ride through our shadows.

And most people don’t acknowledge their shadows in a peaceful way.

Exploring them is then completly off boundaries. Sometimes it happens to me too, of course. I’m only human…  I know what I should do. I know why I should do it. But I just don’t. Can you relate to that? I’m sure you do… Why? Self sabotage. Lack of energy. Discouragement. It’s only human to feel like this sometimes. What’s really important is to understand how to get  you out of that place.

There is something that really works for me and gets me started in no time: my absolute terror of regreting for not doing something.
(Yes. Some fears like this one can be an engine for your action. Use them!)

I get goose bumps just imagining myself an old lady and still carrying that regret.

So the question I ask myself is: “will I regret for not doing this when I’m 100 years old and lying in my death bed (Yes! I intend to live until I’m 100!)? Will it still matter then?”.
If the answer is positive, just considering the chance to feel like this in the end of my life is a horror movie to me.

And I just go do it. Without thinking or reasoning. Just go and do it without further judging about it or any second thoughts. A leap of faith. And I never regret it even if things  don’t go the way I expected because then I know for sure that I gave it a shot and didn’t work out (without wondering the rest of my life “what if…?”).

How about you? Have you ever felt like this?
Do you feel it’s time to face and transform your fears? I hope so!