What are you afraid of?

No, really! What are you afraid of? Do you even know?

Ever spent a minute thinking about that?
Do you know in what extent are your hidden fears impacting your life and taking you away from achieving your goals?
Or do you believe you have none? No fear at all, of any nature whatsoever? Really?? Do you really believe that?
Well, here’s a newsflash: that’s absolutely impossible. For you to have no fear at all, you know? At least not if you’re alive!

The danger of this belief is not one you can overlook…

… and get away with it: your fears still exist and operate in your life even tough
you fail to acknowledge them. The result: you have absolutely no control over something you don’t acnkowledge.
It’s like putting behind the steering wheel someone who doesn’t have a driver’s licence. Yes, that’s a recipe to disaster!
Worse, it’s something most people do repeatedly (and unsconsciously) in their lives everyday! That’s why they feel so powerless,
so tired of fighting and ultimately, hopeless. Of course there’s more to life than just our fears. Life is far more complex than just that.

But they are, in fact, the biggest generator of frustration and that comes from misusing what they really are about.

Misusing them by denying their existence or by dealing poorly with them.
So… Let me ask again. What are you afraid of?
Are you afraid of failure, of public exposure, of being judged or criticized?
What? What are you afraid of? This is the first and huge step towards getting your power back. To know “whom” you are dealing with.
To know the name of your fear. That will allow you to adress it in a cirurgical specific way.

After this… Why does it exist, your fear of (someting)?

What’s the beneath fragility or aspect of yourself that needs reinforcement?

What have you given up until now, because of that? What could your life be like if you only had chosen earlier to deal properly with your fear (or fears)?
And how do you feel about that?

I know… Lots of questions. And difficult ones, too. But absolutely necessary! Vital! And you don’t need to get answers all by yourself. I’m here to help you!

So… What do you say? Let’s work!

P.S.: Everyday more and more in love with neurocoaching!