Why do you keep thinking about your problems? 3 Simple tips to help you get over it!

Do you know that feeling?

Problems (sorry, challenges!) just keep coming to your mind, over and over again?
It drives you crazy and just doesn’t help you solve anything at all!

Well, don’t beat yourself up… Just blame your brain!

A simple explanation and a few tips to help you get over it…

Your brain is programmed for survival.

For that reason it developed throughout time an effective mechanism to assure no threat goes unnoticed: the negativity bias.

To survive you need to be aware of potential threats and act accordingly, in the most effective way.

If a pre-historical ancestour of ours dedicated most of this attention appreciating the beauty of wild flowers and the wonderful soft summer breeze…

He would miss the starving lion wanting to have him for dinner! Get the point?

This mechanism is also active towards our modern  threats, like that meeting with a difficult client or that huge business proposal you haven’t won yet.

Negativity bias is nowadays a source  of stress, blocking solutions and keeping you in a physical and psychological state of pure pain.

Here are some tips to help you get over negativity bias:

#1 – Force yourself to consciously focus on the positive side of things and situations. Be vigilant to detect and discard any attempts to minimize that positive input.

Remember: you are creating new habits  (and new synaptic responses!). Be consistent and keep pushing!

#2 – Make positive experiences last longer (like you already do so easily with the negative ones…). Savour and intensely feel those experiences.

The idea is to give consistency and durability to those new positive memories! (10 to 20 seconds is the minimum time a positive experience should last to produce long term memories!)

#3 – Live in the present: don’t hold on to grudges from the past nor antecipate negative situations that may never happen.

Meditate, make conscious breathing exercises, do name a ver. The choice is yours.

Pick any method or discipline that helps you focus on the present. To focus on a positive oriented present!


These tips are meant to help you create an absolutely new “positivity bias”!

So… Are you ready to reprogram your brain?

Give me your feedback! Tell me about your experience!

P.S.: Each day more and more in love with neurocoaching…